Asians less likely to seek therapy

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Asians less likely to seek therapy

I don’t agree with all the thoughts of this article that bunches the tragedy at the University of Virginia with the statistics that Asians are less likely to seek therapy, but these two quotes do resonate:

Mental health services in the United States are often not geared toward Asian Americans. “Some of the services are very insensitive to the language and culture of various Asian groups, which is a major problem,” Sue said.

Also, in the Asian American community, a stigma is often attached to any discussion of personal problems. Seeking counseling can be seen as a public admission of a mental disorder.

The Asian-American experience is unique to this time and age, and has its own sub-culture, pressures, and ways of coping. The truth is, while someone could proceed without therapy or treatment, oftentimes therapy can lead to a better outlook, help develop skills to better deal with potentially difficult circumstances, and lead to a better self-understanding.